About The Hub

Earthy and unpretentious, The Hub is a place where athletes of all ages and abilities come to train.

Find fitness and health in an atmosphere of non-judgment and friendship.  The Hub classes, private sessions and coaching in cycling , yoga, BioCored, pilates and aerial yoga. To complete your fitness or performance goals, we also offer nutrition, Ayurveda and meditation.  By combining the disciplines of yoga, nutrition, strength(biocored and pilates) and cycling we are able to address pain, performance, weight loss, and overall wellness.    The Hub is located in Carmel just a few minutes north of Indianapolis.

Our clients are the Warriors of Spirit, young, old, injured through elite athlete, who will stop at nothing to get better.  The Hub team will help you reach your goals no matter how challenging they may seem.

Cycling. Yoga. Pilates. BioCored. Nutrition. Meditation. Pain Reduction. Sports Peformance. Fitness. Stress Reduction. Adventure Racing.

Adults and children alike are invited to join our community of like-minded warriors working towards becoming better every day. Meet our team of professionals!