Youth and Teen Programs

Youth and Teens are met in age-appropriate group settings or individually.  Yoga addresses mental calm, focus, relaxation, strength and flexibility.  Corrective Movement class, "Long & Strong" addresses muscular balance between strength and flexibility from a brain-based movement perspective.  


Guided Growth Youth Yoga Series

Ages 7 and up enjoy a themed mix of crafts, conversations, activities, and movement while they explore important relationships - particularly with themselves.  The Youth Yoga program is grouped in six-week themed series.  While it is best and encouraged that children experience the whole series, there is allowance for drop-in students as well.   For series pricing see our Series schedule.  For drop ins, see the Class schedule.  


Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga graces our large group class schedule and is geared towards stress management, focus, concentration and self acceptance all the while promoting flexibility of body and mind.  Primarily breath-centered movement  with short introductions to meditation within the scope of the class.  Ages 13 and up unless otherwise recommended/permitted by our youth teachers. 


Long & Strong

Long and Strong is a small group class for ages 11 and up that targets the important balance between strength and flexibility.  It is ideal for athletes as a performance enhancing activity that prevents and corrects injury.  We utilize the suspension equipment alongside pilates apparatus and neural joint release work.  Classes are small to allow for individual attention and hands-on work.