Love to solve problems? 

The NeuroPlastic Movement System is for movement professionals from all walks;  pilates, yoga, fitness, physical therapy, dance, and more.  If you've used all of the tools in your tool box and your clients are still getting stuck in dysfunctional movement patterns, NPM makes the difference!


Training your Eye for Movement

Learn how to see and adjust common spinal alignment issues, quickly.  Taught from a brain-based, safe spine perspective, these courses are short and to the point.  Students are expected to have a background in anatomy and movement and can expect to be able to elicit results immediately upon course completion.  

Level I  -  Deals with observing the spine from all-sides and learning what affects what. Level II - Deals with S-Curves and 3-D movement.  Ideal for understanding scoliosis and developing protocols to correct it.  


Brain-Based Movement

Level 1 - Understanding the hierarchy of the nervous system as it relates to movement. This is a 1-Day, 8 hour foundations course to lay a foundation for effective use of the Brain-Based Movement materials in Level 2. The level 1 materials will create a profound shift in how you view movement!

Level 2 - Now that you understand how the nervous system works, begin to apply the work.  This is a 4 day, 32 hour course wherein the student will learn:

  • Assessments
  •  Drills
  • Layering Techniques

Joint Release Techniques

Learn the RAIL system for correcting movement patterns in the same weekend that you learn neurological and manual joint release techniques.  This is a three day course that is hands-on in nature.