A sampling of our bodywork services

We host an array of bodywork styles and bodyworkers from all over the city.  If you have a special need, or if we discover one during a corrective movement session, we reach out to our extended team.  On a daily basis, this is our home team!  Come see for yourself why we love them so!

Kaitlyn Steiner, CMT, specializes in Swedish/Relaxing Massage, deep tissue, and Pain Relief.

Kaitlyn Steiner, CMT

Kaitlyn specializes in Swedish/Relaxing massage as well as Deep Tissue work.  These styles of massage are the most popular choices for relaxation and recovery from heavy training.  Kaitlyn enjoys helping to solve soft-tissue related problems that are causing pain.  


Amy Fuller

Amy is a 2004 graduate of Midwest Academy of Healing arts.  She's a veteran massage therapist who has gathered a deep toolbox with which she works to solve myriad problems!  Among them are Craniosacral therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, and Trauma Release therapy as well as Myofascial Release. 


Keri Brown

Keri is our most seasoned practitioner having begun her career as a graduate of the Alexandria school of healing arts in 1997.  After many years of work and continuing education, Keri has settled on Ortho-Bionomy as her tool of choice.  Orthobionomy is a gentle practice in which the recipient remains fully clothed.  It is known for it's ability to release pain, and enlists the body's innate systems for healing.  Keri's work is called upon often with our NeuroPlastic Movement work, as it is instrumental in helping us to re-pattern movements and release joints.